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These 7 Reasons Could Be Why Your HVAC Has Broken Down

While some HVAC difficulties are resolved by cleaning coils and filters, many of the seven most frequent heating and cooling system faults can worsen if not addressed promptly. One can prevent most issues by calling for regular preventative air conditioner service Zephyrhills FL. In addition, to avoid outages during inclement weather, get your system examined once a year.

Seven Common HVAC System Breakdowns

  • Unclean Filters

You can maintain the longevity and effectiveness of your furnace by replacing your filter on a regular schedule. If your filter is clogged, circulation will be restricted, forcing your unit to work harder to circulate air around your home. 

  • Ignition Problems

Ignition difficulties might be due to a gas supply issue or friction on an ignition element that has to be changed, such as a maximum temperature ignitor or thermostat. In any case, because these issues include dangerous materials like natural gas and high voltage. It is preferable to have them addressed by a skilled specialist of heat pump repair Zephyrhills and Wesley Chapel.

  • Thermostat Malfunctions

Thermostats, both programmable and non-programmable, come in a variety of styles. When a person feels their system isn’t working correctly, it’s usually due to a problem with the thermostat or how it’s adjusted. Batteries in programmable thermostats may need to be replaced regularly. However, Air Conditioning Wesley Chapel, FL, can swiftly determine the issue if the problem persists.

  • Mechanical Concerns

Your HVAC system depends on a combination of mechanical systems. The regular wear and tear of these parts might have a detrimental influence on the functioning of your machine. Belts and bearings, for example, can cause overheating, inadequate heating or cooling, and ventilation problems. Regular maintenance should include inspecting for worn or strained belts and, if necessary, lubricating bearings and engines.

  • Unusual Sounds

Some HVAC noises are harmless, while others might be a sign of a technical issue. For example, a squeaking or screaming machine might indicate that the inducer or blower motor’s gears deteriorate. Airflow problems or unclean burners might produce other sounds. In any case, these signals should not be ignored since they might indicate a hazardous operating state or lead to an HVAC failure.

  • Tripped or Blown Fuse

The most typical cause of a circuit breaker trip in a light commercial HVAC Zephyrhills FL, is an overworked blower. If something is obstructing your system’s airflow, your blower will have to work harder to compensate. For example, a clogged air filter causes your compressor to work harder. The blower’s power consumption rises as a result, and the circuit breaker may trip. 

  • Water Leaks

Air conditioners and high-efficiency furnaces produced condensate. Drain pipes guarantee that water drains properly. If the drain pipes are blocked or broken, water might seep from the system. Pouring bleach down the drain can help maintain drain lines clean. The collection box, heat exchanger, or evaporator drain pan are all probable leak causes.

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