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Signs Of An Overworking Air Conditioner

An air conditioner works extensively during the summer season for our comfort. However, air conditioner owners use their system to such an extent that they will one day have to contact a professional technician for AC repair in Wesley Chapel because of such high usage.

AC owners should take proper care of their system, because it is not possible to get through the summers of Wesley Chapel without a properly functioning air conditioner.

Signs That Indicate Your Air Conditioner has Worked Too Much and Needs Some Rest:

  • High Energy Bills

As we know, an air conditioner is an electrical appliance that needs electrical energy to function. However, if you notice that your monthly energy bills are higher than expected, you may blame your air conditioner. An inefficient AC needs to work extra to maintain indoor temperature, exhibiting higher energy bills.

  • Inefficient Cooling

The basic purpose of an air conditioner is to cool the house where it works. If it cannot fulfil its basic purpose, you know something is wrong with the system. You should contact a technician to inspect your system before trying any DIY methods thoroughly.

  • Unbalanced Humidity Levels

It would be a nightmare if your air conditioner malfunctions at odd hours, leaving you hot and humid. A malfunctioning air conditioner will unbalance your humidity levels, and you may face high moisture content in your home. Contact a professional for AC repairs.

  • A Malfunctioning Thermostat

A thermostat is a device that detects the optimum temperature for your home and instructs your air conditioner to reach that temperature. If your air conditioner is not reaching the required temperature, you should check the thermostat before anything else.

  • Hot and Cold Pockets

An air conditioner should cool your home evenly. If you notice frequent hot and cold pockets in your home, even when the system works for hours, it indicates your air conditioner needs to rest for a few hours. While the system rests, you can check its air filters and ducts for cloggings and leakages.

  • Unwanted Noises and Smells

An air conditioner does not make much noise while working. Frequent vibrations are acceptable, but if you hear banging noises, you should switch off your system and inspect its parts, like ducts and vents. If you need professional help, contact a technician for air conditioning service in Wesley Chapel, FL.

  • Leakages

The three types of leakages that can happen in an air conditioner are water leakages, refrigerant leakages, and carbon monoxide leakages. Water leakages happen due to blockages in the drain pipe, refrigerant leakages due to damage to the evaporator coils, and carbon monoxide leakages.


An air conditioner can trouble its owners several times during its working lifespan. If you wish to stay out of such troubles, allow Franks Air Conditioning & Heating to detect and fix the issues. Our latest gadgets, machinery, and the required skills will provide unique and long-lasting solutions. Contact us for services like air conditioner installation in Wesley Chapel, FL.