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Need A New AC? 2 Factors You Can Think About

As temperatures rise, it won’t be long before people start turning to their AC for relief from the heat. Additionally, this is when many people are looking to get a new air conditioner.

1. Three things to consider before getting an AC.

Before purchasing an AC, customers may have many questions and uncertainties, and the following are some essential aspects.

  • Tonnage

According to air conditioner maintenance experts in Zephyrhills, knowing what size air conditioner would work best for your house when purchasing a new one is vital. BTUs measure how much heat needs to be removed from the home; 12,000 BTUs equal one ton. You should perform a heat load calculation on your home to determine how many BTUs need to be removed.

When specialists run one of these calculations, they frequently discover that the units the homeowners are substituting are large. You can save someone money on installation fees if you find out that the unit is excessive. In addition to saving money, a properly functioning unit won’t short cycle, produce high humidity, or have frequent breakdowns.

  • Distribution of air and ductwork

The ducting must be rectified as part of the AC installation in Zephyrhills, FL, if there is insufficient air distribution before the installation. The ductwork is essential for delivering air to you. If the ductwork is reducing efficiency, there are two options. Either the ducts need to be sealed, or they need to be replaced and resized.

  • Replacing

If your ductwork is oversized or undersized, you should replace it when you replace your system. Air conditioner maintenance in Zephyrhills experts suggests that a lack of size will cause abrupt kinks and bends that prevent sufficient airflow. Oversized ducting will also cause the air to go too far. The duct may need to be replaced if there are too many tears.

  • Sealing

You’ll require a duct seal if the AC tune-up is in Zephyrhills, FL; the specialist determines that your ductwork is of a good size but still has leaks. As long as the ductwork is suitably proportioned, duct sealing is an excellent alternative to replacing it because it is often less expensive and labor-intensive.

  • A good installation

Aside from efficiency, the most vital factor in air conditioner installation is if the specialist will provide a professional setup. It’s vital because if your unit is put incorrectly, you’ll experience AC issues.

Poor air conditioner installations result from inadequate installer training and low-bid specialists. AC tune-up in Zephyrhills, FL, experts provide free estimates to ensure you get the best installation possible.

2. Other factors to consider before getting an air conditioner include the following:

  • Choose between split and window air conditioning depending on your room and needs.
  • Select the one with the higher preferred BEE rating.
  • Always use inverted air conditioners
  • Always choose smart air conditioners.

Franks Air Conditioning & Heating HVAC specialists are prepared to assist you with AC installation in Zephyrhills, FL. We know that buying an AC unit is a significant investment and is frequently done under duress, resulting in a damaged AC. Call us at 813-804-2665.