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Florida Weather: Heat Pump Vs. Air Conditioner

Living in Florida and wondering, which is best for you; a heat pump or an AC. For cooling your home, either a heat pump or an AC will do. Air handler coils in both systems use compressed refrigerant to collect heat from inside your home and transfer it to the outdoors. If heat pumps and ACs operate in cooling mode, there is little difference in their operation, efficiency, or energy costs, except for a few technical details. Keep reading to know more:

Difference Between A Heat Pump And An AC

In cooling mode, they are virtually identical, but in heating mode, they are entirely different. Even in freezing temperatures, a heat pump can absorb heat energy from the outside air and transfer it to the home, released back into the air. 

However, when the outside temperature drops below freezing, a heat pump’s efficiency suffers because it must use more energy to maintain warm temperatures inside the house. 

When Selecting an HVAC System for Your Home, Keep the Following Factors in Mind

  • Total Cost Of Buying And Installing

While the indoor unit of a heat pump system is less expensive, the outdoor unit can be more costly than an AC. Installing a system that can heat and cool your home correctly requires a total investment in terms of money. HVAC specialists like heat pump repair Wesley Chapel can assist you in determining all of the costs associated with the project.

  • Energy Efficiency

Heat pump systems provide energy-efficient heating by using only electricity in moderately cold outdoor temperatures. In colder temperatures, the heat pump uses more energy to keep the house warm. In some cases, a hybrid system will cost more than an AC and furnace, more commonly paired. For the most energy-efficient model, look for one that has earned the Energy Star label or ask professionals like light commercial HVAC Zephyrhills, FL.

  • Life Span

Since heat pumps heat and cool a house year-round, AC units typically last longer than heat pumps. If you use a separate heat source to heat your home during the cooler months, you can give your AC much-needed rest. During milder winters, a heat pump’s ability to provide efficient heating may outweigh its potential downside.

Which is the Right System for You?

Heat pumps are a great choice for Florida’s climate because they are energy efficient. Florida residents, on the other hand, can get by with a heat pump instead of a furnace during the harsh winter months. Heat pumps also serve as a cooling solution during Florida’s muggy summer months. A trained HVAC professional such as AC company Wesley Chapel should evaluate your home’s heating, and cooling needs to determine the best option for you. To assist you in assessing your situation, local experts are on hand.

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