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10 Types Of Common Air Conditioner Noises: Causes & Solutions

The air conditioner should be quieter during its operation. If it begins to make noise while turning on or working, it indicates a serious problem. When it comes to air conditioner sounds, different sounds imply different problems. Homeowners must understand what is creating the noise and how to solve it. 

Let’s Take A Look At The Ten Most Common Air Conditioner Noises:


  • Squealing Sounds

Air conditioners usually make this kind of sound when pressure builds up inside an air conditioner’s compressor. The newer units have a sensor that can prompt an immediate shutdown when high pressure.

Homeowners must address it immediately by reaching out to the professional AC repair Zephyrhills FL.

  • Steady Pulsing

The most common cause of this loud, steady pulse is refrigerant lines. They directly touch the house walls making it difficult to encounter soon.

Homeowners can even tighten the screws on any mobile part to eliminate pulsing noises from air conditioners and other furnaces in their homes.

  • Banging Sounds

If your air conditioner is recently producing banging sound, there is a possibility of a compressor problem. The compressor parts get loose when the central air conditioning system approaches the middle or end of its lifecycle.

Homeowners should not be procrastinating on the repair as it can even require air conditioner replacement Zephyrhills and Wesley Chapel FL.

  • Humming Noise

The humming sound is usually due to the faulty contactor relay switch. This component activates the outside condenser unit when it gets a signal from your thermostat. 

One may not switch on their air conditioner until a professional technician resolves the problem.  

  • Constant Clicks

Constant clicking sounds usually occur due to some electrical problem. But, if the air conditioner begins to click slowly and then accelerates, you most likely have an issue with your blower. 

The breaking down of the compressor can also lead to clicking noises. Overworking of the unit often leads to this problem.

  • Whistling Noises

A train-like whistling sound indicates a deeper problem with your AC. It can be anything from an air filter to a leaky duct.

Call certified AC repair Wesley Chapel, to determine why your air conditioner makes noise. Whistling noises appear modest compared to the other sounds.

  • Rattling Sound

It is frequently caused by stray sticks, dirt, or leaves in the condenser unit’s exterior. Disassembling the unit and removing these pieces is the simplest approach to silence the sound.

Keeping the air conditioner components clean will eliminate this kind of sound.

  • Bubbling Sound

The excessive moisture is causing the air conditioner to make a bubbling noise. This could be caused by a blockage, crack, or hole in your drainage pipe.

  • Hissing Sounds

It is generated by the unit and may signal a problem with the refrigerant or your compressor. It shows the presence of a refrigerant leak caused by natural product breakdown.

  • Buzzing

A buzzing sound indicates outdoor condenser unit’s fan blades are loose or imbalanced. This type of noise is also produced from a defective outdoor fan motor & dirty condenser coils. A buzzing sound can also be due to obstruction near the copper wires.

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