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The Perks of End-of-Season Maintenance

Soon your air conditioning system will be taking a long, well-deserved rest as the summers are about to leave. You must plan on scheduling an end-of-season maintenance visit. You gain a lot of incredible perks by doing so.

When you plan postseason air conditioner service Zephyrhills FL you can expect to gain:

Preserved Cooling Power

Right after summer is when your air conditioner will probably face problems. These encompass loose electrical connections, faulty parts, absence of lubrication, and others, all of which are dealt with by a routine postseason service.

Air Quality

Scheduling postseason maintenance goes a long way towards ensuring your indoor air is safe to breathe for all inhabitants when it’s time to use it again. This way, you’re staving off contaminants that can arouse asthma and allergies, or even more severe health issues.

Reduce Expensive Repairs

There are two types of AC service in Wesley Chapel FL: costly and cheap. Nevertheless, addressing inexpensive repairs before they turn into expensive ones is the key to saving money. That’s why end-of-summer HVAC maintenance is so vital. Our service technicians can recognize and perform small restorations that’ll prevent substantial problems from surfacing.


When spring arrives, you want your air conditioning unit to start right up and work normally. Dust, silt, and residue can slow down the performance of your system so it has to work harder. This prevents you from being as comfortable as possible and heightens your energy bills.

Schedule your end-of-season air conditioner maintenance today by contacting the licensed experts at Franks Air Conditioning and Heating, the best AC company Wesley Chapel.

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